A Look All Your Own

Long guns, Hyperion Arms & Ammo

When you purchase a firearm, it becomes your own. Like any other weapon throughout time, it serves a specific purpose and meets a specific need. For some, it is hunting, stealth, and patient achievement. For others, it is the ostentatious outward appearance they need when heading into a tournament or sport shooting competition.

Whatever the reason, when someone needs the look of their firearm to match their unique personality, they come to Hyperion Arms & Ammo!


At Hyperion Arms and Ammo, we can Hydro-Dip almost anything you need - stocks, barrels, receivers, handguns, long guns, and even accessories and gear. We have hundreds of patterns to choose from to match the look or mission you need to complete. 


Maybe you're looking for the ultimate in customization and durability for your firearm, and if you are we offer full Dura-Coat services right here on-site. Choose from hundreds of colors to create that custom and unique look that will also give you a strong paint coating to preserve your firearm for a lifetime. 

A Look towards The Future:

Online Gun Sales (OGS) is finally here and has set up shop directly behind our own. With our affiliation set in place, our shop will have direct access to their manufacturing and service capabilities once things get up and running! Smithing, lathing, tooling – we will offer completely customized gun services through them for all our valued customers, right from the start.

So if you are tired of all the pushy sales gimmicks from other gun shops and online vendors, and you’re ready for a higher class of gun and ammunition services, call Hyperion Arms & Ammo at 585-335-3422 and get what you deserve!