Looking the Part for the Hunt

Hyperion Arms & Ammo
Hyperion Arms & Ammo

Hunting Equipment:

Hunting is a game of stealth, patience, care, and time. As a hunter, you must lie in wait – potentially for hours – while you stalk your prey and pray for that perfect shot. It takes a special kind of person to be a hunter…and a special kind of gear!

Hyperion has it.

At Hyperion Arms & Ammo, we stock everything a modern hunter/survivalist needs to take on adventures in the wild:

Our experienced staff members (also avid hunters) will assist you in choosing the right gear for the right kind of experience. Whether you are a first-time hunter heading out, or you’re a seasoned veteran of the great outdoors, Hyperion can be your best resource for all the amazing guns, gear, clothes, and accessories you will ever need.

When you come in to see us, ask about our monthly hunter’s specials! We offer extensive discounts to local customers, law enforcement, and the military, and provide savings on hunting items when the season is about to end!

For more information about Hyperion Arms & Ammo, to schedule customization services with us, or to enquire about any of our specials or the products in our inventory, please contact us at 585-335-3422.