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Locked & Loaded

Guns and bullets. You can’t have one without the other. They need each other to fulfill their own unique purpose. You, as an enthusiast, need them to support your passion for firearms.

Hyperion has what you need.

Hyperion Arms & Ammo


We carry most major brands and calibers - Federal, Winchester, Hornady, Aguila, Magtech, CCI, Remington, Siocchi, TulAmmo, and many more. We also do special orders, so if you have a specific brand, caliber, weight, or quantity you need let us know and we will get it for you. 

We carry from .17 all the way up to .50 cal. We also sell bulk boxes of commercial brands and onsite manufactured OGS brand. Get the bulk in 250, 500, or 1,000 round packs. We can even ship it to you within the continental 48 states. 

Sniper rifle, Hyperion Arms & Ammo


Already loaded up? What about targets? Your bullets need somewhere to fly. Choose the safest, most responsible, most enjoyable way possible and get targets from us at Hyperion! Our shop supplies all kinds of targets from paper targets and bowling pins to stands and steel plates (all the way to the AR-500s). At Hyperion Arms & Ammo, we stock it all for you!

For more information about Hyperion Arms & Ammo, to schedule customization services with us, or to enquire about any of our specials or the products in our inventory, please contact us at 585-335-3422.